$ASIANWHALESAI is a token on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Offer a tribute of tokens to whales and receive blessings
Current Tribute Offered: $000,000
Min Buy to Receive Tribute: $000,000
Competition Ends: 00:00 UTC
Current  Transaction Tax: 00%


A rising tide lifts all ships. The tide rises from Whales joining us.
Fill your ship with $ASIANWHALESAI and watch the whales raise us up!

Join the Plutocracy 3.0 Society by purchasing its first token $ASIANWHALESAI.

Let's have a great time watching the whales play while we develop a community and utility focused on the ability to follow the money using transparency of blockchain technology.  We will be following the money of institutions, crowds, and specific whale wallets and learning how to use this data to our advantage.


What do Asian fisherman and blockchain Degens have in common? They all worship whales.  Whales are an important part of any ecosystem.  The Asian Whales AI project offers tribute to crypto whales who love to eat tokens.  We are looking for the largest whales to pay tribute to.  The token’s transaction taxes are offered up as a tribute to whales.  The tokens accumulate on a golden platter until they are too tempting for whales to resist.  The tribute of tokens will be offered at strategic times.  The tribute can only be obtained by the whale who sets a new record for the largest buy.

Why whales? This is the first project of a community that is focused on becoming wealthy through investing and trading.  Tracking whales and studying their behavior can be a shortcut for us since we can assume that by allocating funds to a certain coin or token, they have insider information (Alpha) or have done their research already.  It can also be a sign to get out of a coin or token.

The tribute will be advertised to whales at critical points in the token’s price action to achieve certain goals. We may want whales to eat the dip, break us out of a range, or we may just be trying to achieve maximum volume.  We can adjust taxes when necessary ( contract limited to max of __%)  to help it make sense for a whale to enter and gobble up the tribute given the taxes, amount being offered, and buy record that needs to be broken.  When the community knows a tribute is being offered and the whales are coming, they will try to beat the whale to the chart to get a good position.  Some whales might stay around and wait for the next whale to enter and some may decide to visit and leave.  Either way it wil be fun to watch and we will learn from them.

The whale tribute allows for leveraged buy backs.  Instead of using the taxes generated to buy back our token, we offer it as a tribute  to a Whale who will buy a larger amount than we could in exchange for receiving the tribute as a bonus.

Example: Other token uses $50,000 to buy back tokens resulting in a $50,000 buy in the chart. 
            $ASIANWHALESAI uses $50,000 to offer up to a Whale who must buy $150,000 to receive it.  Resulting in a $150,000 buy in the chart which is $100,000 greater than the other token's method.  The Whale received a 33% bonus and is able to enter tax free or even be in profit right away.

In addition to the "leveraged buybacks" being larger than a project's own buyback ability, they will also help to decentralize the token supply since the project is not the one buying back the tokens.  

How easy it will be for the community to shout from the rooftops and on all their socials that there is a large, juicy tribute of tokens waiting for the right Whale to come along and eat it! 


Stealth Launched June 23, 2023

Invitation Only period for Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), Incubators, and Diamond Handers.
- Contract will not be posted publicly during this phase.  It will be by word of mouth, invite only.

KOLs and Community Opinions Influence and Incubation Period June 23 - July 7
- Polish for Public Presentation: Goals, Road Map, Marketing Plan, logos, graphics, website, socials, community chat, etc..

Push to Public July 7 - 21
- Free and Organic Community Growth Methods to onboard more members to our community.

Offer Tributes for Community to have an exciting reason to Shill our project and get noticed (Buy Competitions / First Come First Serve Tribute for Whales)
* This will be our primary form of marketing as our Tributes will be large and the buy size to qualify will get larger.

Paid Marketing - If the community is unable to maintain constant growth then paid marketing will be used according to the plans of the KOL, incubators and community.  Paid Marketing will be focused on our large buy competitions and Tributes.

Big Buy Mania Begins

Repeat - with each cycle of new members, we will repeat the process of organic community growth, advertising Tributes and when the momentum slows, we will use paid marketing focused on buy competitions and the large buys.

Utility Development

Meet up with our Yachts to Whale Watch IRL.


Total Supply: 800,000 tokens
Current Membership Requirement: 8 tokens
Current Membership Limit: 100,000 members
No Team Tokens
No Pinksale Tokens
No Private Sale or Presale tokens
No Airdrops
No KOL / Inflluencer Tokens
No one gets tokens unless they buy a bag and have a vested interest in  success.

Token Taxes have max limit of 20%
Taxes will be reduced slowly as MC rises and adjusted based on needs of the project.   You can check this site or  the Telegram channel for current taxes.
Token will launch with a 20% tax on buys and sells and reduce slowly over time.
Liquidity Lock:


The Founder's name is Kyle who has a background in fix and flipping real estate and has been investing in web3 since 2020. 

Kyle is building the Plutocracy 3.0 Society with amazing goals.  This is his first time as a founder of a tokenized project.  This token and community effort is one small part of the overall vision.  Buying membership in this token or any future token buys membership in all projects   All projects will come together to benefit the Society and they will be managed forever without  end.
Kyle is doxxed to of

Intending to Doxxing with 8 Pump Labs and CoinLaunchLounge.


The token founder has attributed value to the otherwise valueless token by pairing it with Ethereum and adding liquidity to Uniswap's Automatic Market Maker (AMM).  Future value will be determined by demand and supply for the token.  Learn how Uniswap's AMM functions here:

This token has no monetary value or expectation of profits associated with it.  It is not an investment contract or any type of security.  If you choose to swap Ethereum with this token, then you are deciding this token should have value and are contributing to it's value.  

If you choose to swap Ethereum with this token then you are choosing to support the vision, founder and community without any legal expectation of profit or performance.  You are purely buying a membership to the community.  Any speculation on future value of that membership is up to you. Contribute only what you can afford to lose.  The founder may succeed or fail.  The community may thrive or cease to exist.

TAX: When you swap Ethereum for $ASIANWHALESAI, and vice versa,  a percentage of your Ethereum will be transferred to a project wallet that the founder controls.  This should be considered a donation to accomplishing the vision which will be used at the founder's discretion with the advice of KOLs and community.  There is no legal obligation or expectation of profit or performance.  

Phase 1: Meme - tokens serve no purpose and have no value unless the community decides to create value around it.
Phase 2: Utility - If the community is successful in creating value around the token and raises enough taxes, then utility will be developed.  The first utility will be  a private community which requires the token as access.
Phase 3: If the founder and community are successful in accomplishing their vision, then we will explore the legalities of becoming a security token to represent ownership of the project to each token holder and/or the ability to receive and trade funds on behalf of investors.